Hey, I'm Emile, some person from Germany. On the internet, you will most likely find me under the name hanemile, with the picture below as my avatar.


This page is ment to be my "homeserver" on the internet. Stuff I do should land here. This page also allows me to broadcast information to people, such as you, that might find it interesting. Many people do stuff like this and I am following this "trend".


For sending encrypted mail (mail@emile.space), you can find my public-key here.

pub   rsa2048/0x4D8DD313A751DED7 2018-05-06 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = BE5E 7A59 6047 206E 35D1  6EE4 4D8D D313 A751 DED7

Otherwise, you can reach me via matrix (@emile:emile.space)1, via telegram (@hanemile), via twitter (@hanemile), chaos.social (@hanemile@chaos.social) and possibly other sites using the name @hanemile.


I'm not reachable via matrix anymore, as hosting the reference homeserver doesn't align with what I think this project is capable of (contact me via other channels and I might elaborate more on why). This doesn't mean I'll never be reachable on matrix, but I'm currenlty waiting for a homeserver to be written that better fits my needs (no, I'm not writing one myself, I've already got enough projects).