Hey, I'm Emile, some person from Germany. On the internet, you will most likely find me under the name hanemile, with the picture below as my avatar.1



Text adapted from https://www.siguza.net/

This page is ment to be my "homeserver" on the internet. Stuff I do should land here.


For sending encrypted mail (if you wish to), you can find my public-key here.

pub   rsa2048/0x4D8DD313A751DED7 2018-05-06 [SC]
      Key fingerprint = BE5E 7A59 6047 206E 35D1  6EE4 4D8D D313 A751 DED7

Otherwise, you can reach me via matrix (@emile:emile.space), via telegram (@hanemile) or via twitter (@hanemile).


notesNotetaking as minimal as it gets2
Paged Out! article"Accelerating simulations by clustering bodies using the Barnes-Hut algorithm" for the Paged Out! magazine3
nixosMy nixos4 configurations
matrixA minimal matrix5 sdk
weather botA small matrix5 weatherbot
reqlogA minimal request logger
faila2A simple webserver
redirA webserver with the soul purpose of redirecting
graphClickerA simple frontend for collecting metrics
giffGif as a service
pixeltsunamiA high performance pixelflut client
randomHTTPAn http server returning random stuff
metrics-bundlerA minimal metrics bundler
GalaxySimulator (Writeup) (en) (ger)Simulating galaxies on a large scale
Navarro-Frenk-White Profile containerGenerating galaxies
golang TLE packageGolange package for parsing TLEs6

https://twitter.com/m4r1d3/status/1310685714200264705 3: https://pagedout.institute 4: https://nixos.org 5: https://matrix.org 6: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two-line_element_set