I'm building a Quadrocopter following a similar approach as the Ship of Theseus. The goal is to replace each part step by step to eventually remain with a completely custom built quad. Some parts might be easier to build (such as the frame, although there are lots of things I could tweak here) and other parts might become really demanding (how do I design a flight controller?), but due to there being not limits, the only limit is my imagination (that's a quote from somewhere, I'm pretty sure, I'm just not sure from where, hmu if you know).

Current setup

Listing my "initial" setup might help making it more understandable with what state I'm starting. (I've sourced a lot of the parts from amazon, as most of the shops tend to list the items, but they aren't available which is really frustrating.)

An nice page to get an overview of what parts exist in the shops is http://fpvshops.eu/.

Joshua Bardwell has got A LOT of information stored in videos on his youtube channel which was great for learning. His page https://www.fpvknowitall.com/ has also got a great section called "The Ultimate FPV Shopping List", but beware: most of the items listed are availible in the US, shipping them to the EU can take ages.

Now here the parts I've used in my build:


Yes, it can fly:

(I've never mentioned landing, eveything eventually lands, so that's not really a problem)