betreutes hacken

"Betreutes hacken" (german for "supervised hacking") was a fairly spontaneous talk during the Respawn2Reboot divoc on Sunday, the 3rd of April.

The "talk" was kind of me starting to solve some basic crypto challenges from a ctf running and more and more people tuning in starting to listen and ask questions. In the end, about 20-25 people were watching and apparently found it quite nice.

As I didn't really plan any talk, this was more of a live "I'm sharing my screen and you get to watch live what is actually happening". Although a concept that isn't seen as much, I think that it might be fairly helpful for new people.

In the end, the people disappeared into nowhere, but a few gathered into small groups and started participating in the ctf. It was awesome to see people that had no previous experience having fun on some seemingly braindead challenges, that where new to them.

Conclusion: I might do this again.