Hi there!

Below, you will find list some of the projects I’m currenctly working on. Further down, you’ll find some Talks and workshops I’ve given.

This is ment to be a space for storing the projects I’ve worked on for keeping track on what is actually happening (a lot of stuff happens and I don’t allways keep track of what does and doesn’t). This might also become a “hey, look what I’ve done” page like a lot of other people have already done, but for that, I’d have to add some more content…


Some personal blogposts land here, more interesting and collaborative stuff lands on tildeho.me.


Current running projects

These are projects I’m currently actively working on.


A containerized CTF-Framework built up from a handfull of microsevices making scaling a negligible problem.


A little http server exposing Two Line Elements (TLEs) exposing them as json for futher usage.


A lot of little honeypots tracking who’s knocking on hea… the servers door. There is a blogposts here explaining some of it.


A book made up of lot’s of little blocks. The book containes a wide variety of topics and might be rendered some time in the future.


Controlling American Fuzzy Lop using GO.

Paged Out!

Currently writing a few Paged Out! articles for future Issues and for having a reason to read really deep into some topics.

Finished projects

These are projects I’ve finished, as in: I currently don’t intend to continue working on them.

Galaxy Simulation

Simulating the course of starts over time. This project was my project for Jugend Forscht 2019 and is build using a lot of containers scaling pretty much indefinitely.

Satellite Collisions

Estimating possible satellite collisions using the TLEs providied by celestrack.

Abandoned projects

These are abandoned projects. Projects I could continue in the future, but the future is a big space, so they might lay here indefinitely. These are also projects I haven’t touched in a month or so.

Project Euler

Solving multiple Project Euler challenges, mostly in go or python.


Blender Workshop

The blender workshop @ chaosdorf took place on the 28.09.2019 and consisted of a basic introduction on how blender is built up, how to model, sculpt, UV unwarp, animate, shade, render, composite and a lot of other stuff.



Freitagsfoo: gestern, heute, morgen

A talk explaning how to host open evenings in hackerspaces, how it was done @ chaosdorf, what did word, what didn’t work and some stories. Read more here.