1. emile.space

Welcome to my share of the internet.

It might look like there isn't much here, but there is.

For exploring this page, use the navigation bar and the entries below it at the top of the page. The links under the bar can be "pushed" into the bar and hovering over items in the bar allows you to navigate that level.

You can find more information on the reasoning behind this here.

The complete page is currently[^1] really hard WIP, so I don't guarantee any kind of API stability in terms of the link format staying the same or so.

[^1]: (since 2021)

getting started pages:

- galaxy simulation
- astrophotography
- led-cube
- glitch-gallery publications

1.1. quick access

- files
  - keybase.txt
  - ssh_keys.txt
  - style.css
  - twtxt.txt
  - emile.space this page
  - git.emile.space a git host 
  - tickets.emile.space the ticketshop
  - talks.emile.space the Call for Participation tool
  - photo.emile.space the photoprism
    - 2022-11 Canaries
    - 2023-01 Ski Serfaus Fiss Ladis
    - 2023-01 Ulm
    - 2023-08 NYC

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