symbolic execution


old python2 syntax

import os
import angr
project = angr.Project("binaryname", auto_load_libs=False)
path_group = project.factory.path_group()
path_group.explore(find=lambda path: "Nice!" in path.state.posix.dumps(1))
print path_group.found[0].state.posix.dumps(0)



r4ge (angr for r2)

- view arg s using `.(args)`
- mark memory as symbolic using `.(markMemSymbolic address bytes name)`
- insert flags for finding/avoiding (go to Visual mode (`Vp`) and add flags using `f`)
  - `r4ge.avoidn` (n) represents the n'th avoid addr, as r2 can't work with multiple flags with the same name
  - `r4ge.find`
- `.(rage)`

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