1. Jugend Forscht Bundeswettbewerb

16-19 Mai

After having won the "Regionalwettbewerb" and then the "Landeswettbewerb", I was allowed to attend the Jugend Forscht "Bundeswettbewerb", the last stage in the whole Competition.

While the whole concept of JugendForscht is quite nice, the actual events kind of turned me off, as it was really exhausting to stand in a venue for like 10 hours after having slept little. Apart from that, the event was nice. I found a few people from other hackspaces (I'd say most projects were quite nice, although you really noticed that the people who had access to a hackspace hand some really cool stuff).

In the end, I didn't get a place and they never told me anything about how I placed, so that was kind of weird.

As already with the Landeswettbewerb, the food was great, one of the best things about JugendForscht.

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