1. JuFo-Bundeswettbewerb-Lübeck

Jugend Forscht Bundeswettbewerb (German Finals). As I've participated a few
times (once in these finals as well), I was invited to attend the event,
finally being able to get a look at the projects of other people without
needing to present my own ones.

Turns out: it was quite full and thus packed. The projects were interesting and
it was nice to see a few old faces.

1.1. schedule


1.1.1. alumni cafe / dräger garage

We started out at the "Alumni treff" in the "Dräger Garage". It's a "makespace"
from Dräger which didn't really convince us: it just looked like they tried to
build a hackspace without ever having been in a hackspace. There was a small
talk, then some drinks and snacks and before we could relocated to the JuFo

1.1.2. jufo bundeswettbewerb / musik und kongresshalle lübeck

The area was quite nice, although the cabins in which the projects were
presented were packed quite tight leading to the spaces between them being
really packed.

Met a few known faces and had some nice discussions.

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