1. koblenz to freiburg by bike

So we (harryr and me) did this:

1.1. Days


1.1.1. Saturday

Düsseldorf -> Koblenz by train

Uneventful, yet a full train.

Koblenz -> Weinheim (~165km) by bike

We went down the Rhine to Bingen, then stopped following the river and went "straight through" the small vineyards to the ferry to "Gernsemmer".

harryr had to abort, due to a bad knee. Was bummed, as I don't think I'd have made the 165km at that pace on my own.

1.1.2. Sunday

Weinheim -> Karlsruhe HBF by bike (~71km)

The constant headwind and rain was unbearable (it was ridable, just not fun and I wanted to arrive at a place so that I've still got some time in Freiburg on Monday), so I decided to take the train a bit ahead to Offenburg.

Karlsruhe HBF -> Offenburg HBF by train

People in German REs still haven't understood the concept of dedicated bike spots D:.

Offenburg HBF -> "Some point south of Offenburg" (~25km) 

Wonderful ride, as intended, got rid of the rain and found a perfect spot for the night.

1.1.3. Monday

"Some point south of Offenburg" -> Freiburg (~45km)

A perfect ride, although I had one dead end where I was routed over a path that was supposed to go over some traintracks, yet there was no path over the tracks. Another problem: turn left into the swamp or climb over the tree on the right hand side:

Full Res (6.3MB)

1.2. Total

~310km by bike

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