1. EMFCAMP 2024


1. EMFCAMP 2024
    1.1. CTF - WTF?
       1.1.1. Links

1.1. CTF - WTF?


1.1.1. Links

Type: Workshop
Title: CTF - WTF?
Date: tbd.
Start Time: tdb.
Duration: 1h+ more like 2h+
Venue: milliways
Name: hanemile
Description: Capture the flag events have been a great way to learn varius hacking topics. Participating can be not trivial, thus this workshop gives a great start into the whole topic introducing the basics, giving you starting points and diving deeper into some categories in order to kickstart your experience.
Maximum Attendees: 20
Cost (per attendee, in GBP): 0 GBP
Age Range: 0 - 200
Attendee Equipment: Laptop with an Internet connection and Power.

- slides

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