1. toorcamp


1.1. r2wars - battle bots in shared memory

2024-06-28 13:00 - 14:30
Location: Yoga Studio

Running programmes simultaneously in the same memory: what could go wrong? This is about how and then playing with it hands-on. We look at the substructure, build our own small programmes that then try to overwrite each other.

; r2 malloc://1024
[0x00000000]> aei
[0x00000000]> aeim
[0x00000000]> wx e80000000058 @ 0x100
[0x00000000]> aer PC = 0x100
[0x00000000]> aer SP = SP + 0x100
[0x00000000]> aes
[0x00000000]> aerR

1.1.1. Links

- slides
- github.com/hanemile/r2wars
- r2wars blogpost (en) with a lot of info
- pretalx page
- GPN slides (nice html export)
- GPN slides (weird pdf pdf)

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