1. chaosdorf

Hackspace in Düsseldorf.

2017-03-10 first time there 
2017-11-14 became a member
2021-11-09 voted to "2. Vorsitzender"
2023-11-04 voted to "2. Vorsitzender" (again)

Goals for 2022: increase the amount of security communication, meaning that there should be a lot more security talks, workshops, foos and other kinds of events.

2022-11-22T12:47:15:  WOW, that worked well... So that goal would now be to keep these all running even if I work on other projects, by having other people take over some of these...

backlinks: - /workshops/2022/ctf-foo/02-05-ctf/ - /workshops/2022/ctf-foo/01-15-ctf/ - /workshops/2021/12-14-ctf/ - /events/2022/ - /events/2022/
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