1. 2022

The return of onsite events?

This is my plan for the year 2022.


1.1. 01

- went skiing in Austria
  - took pictures of mountains
  - took some pictures of stars
- held the second CTF workshop @ chaosdorf
- rebuilt the generator generating emile.space (formerly miboma) as vokobe
- started forming thoughts on how to build a better web application proxy for security testing (mobesi)
- started learning toki pona
- started building yonilu, a tiny twtxt client 
- wrote a blogpost on the "incremental build" feature vokobe is currently missing

1.2. 02

- held the third CTF workshop @ chaosdorf
- played poker
- took part at a "erste hilfe kurs" (first aid course) for doing my drivers-license

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